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Ankara Agreement Customs Union

03 Dec Posted by in Uncategorized | Comments
Ankara Agreement Customs Union

- alignment with trade policy and preferential trade agreements with third countries “The opinion of all is general: this customs union agreement is insufficient. The scale of the new free trade agreements is enormous. The EU has signed these agreements with third countries, our customs union agreement lags behind the free trade agreements of these countries,” said the Minister. Turkey The EU customs union covers only industrial and processed agricultural products. Some Decisions of the Association Council apply to agricultural products and a preferential agreement is applied to coal and steel products. Under the principle of free movement, products manufactured in the Community or In Turkey: Products from or part of products from third countries that are in free practice in the Community or Turkey are considered to be in free practice in the customs territory of the Customs Union (Community-Turkey), where the import procedures are completed and all duties or taxes of equivalent effect collected in the Community or Turkey have been collected and they have not received a full or partial refund of these duties. On the basis of the principle of free movement that Turkey should respect for the functioning of the customs union, the following provisions are: – community trade policy and preferential trade agreements with third countries – legislation on the elimination of technical barriers to trade for industrial products – competition – industrial and intellectual property law – customs legislation. The harmonization of competition and intellectual property laws began before the creation of the customs union, namely the Turkish Competition Authority and the Turkish Patent Institute. Under The Association Council`s Decision 1/95, the customs union not only includes the abolition of customs duties and all other measures of equivalent effect and the adoption of the Community`s common tariff, but also provides for the abolition of all competition distortion mechanisms which result in an unfair advantage over the other party.

In line with this approach, Turkey is obliged to align its legislation with the EU`s achievements in the areas of competition, intellectual property and the common trade policy, as well as the free movement of goods. The customs union has increased both imports and exports to Turkey[3] and its GDP per capita. [4] Turkey`s accession to the customs union has played an important role in the transition of its economy from agriculture to industry. [5] Pekcan also discussed Brexit and said negotiations with the UK.


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