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Auction Services Agreement

08 Apr Posted by in Uncategorized | Comments
Auction Services Agreement

5.3 Compensation. (a) the customer will defend the exemption and the absence of damage from Handbid and its senior executives, Directors, shareholders, employees, consultants, agents, associate companies and suppliers (a “compensation”) of all claims, claims, means, means, actions, procedures (formally or informally), losses, damages, fines, penalties, debts, debts, expenses and expenses of any kind, including legal and legal fees of a company , a corporation, government authority, corporation or other organization because of or of entities or organizations: (i) negligence, gross negligence or intentional misconduct of the client; (ii) the breach by the customer of any clause, obligation, guarantee or guarantee in this agreement; (iii) the customer`s incorrect or illegal use of services; (iv) purchases, offers or other transactions or interactions between the customer and third parties, including, but not limited, to buyers at auctions that go through the services or (v) the fraudulent or unauthorized use of a buyer`s PIN. (b) Handbid is bound, for the client and his compensation, by all claims, claims, means, remedies, actions, proceedings (formal or informal), losses, damages, fines, fines, charges, expenses and expenses of any kind, including legal fees, which are borne or claimed by a person, a company, a company, a company , the company, or who are claimed against compensation, whether they are unharmed and compensated. , authority, partnership or any other state agency as a result of or because of the gross negligence of handbid or any intentional misconduct. S-1.2 Once you inform us that you have completed the fundraising through Handbid for your auction, we will send you a final report on the tally (“Auction Bulletin”). The auction billing report contains details of the net proceeds of the processed funds (minus the processing costs deducted from Handbid to denmerchantengeb-hren). Once you have reviewed, signed and returned the auction card, we will vote on your bid and mark it as completed. After the vote, the payment processing function is disabled to prevent any further processing of this event. 1.6. Materials and product requirements.

Unless Handbid has otherwise agreed in a separate agreement, the customer must ensure that all materials and data placed on Handbid devices are in a state that is “available to the server” and is performed in a form that does not require additional handling by the handbid (for example. B the images are the right format and the correct dimensions, etc.) Handbid will make no effort to verify the content, accuracy or ease of use of this information. If the client`s hardware is not “server-ready,” Handbid has the option at all times to refuse or offer this hardware, to modify the hardware in exchange for a cost to the client to be “server capable.” Handbid will inform the customer of their refusal of the equipment or the cost of modifying the equipment and will give the customer the opportunity to modify the equipment or accept the additional cost requested by Handbid as soon as he informs him. The use of services requires a certain degree of knowledge in the use of WIFI networks, image manipulation, web browsers, Internet languages, protocols and software.


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