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Exclusive Distribution Agreement Singapore

19 Sep Posted by in Uncategorized | Comments
Exclusive Distribution Agreement Singapore

This section deals with advertising or marketing that the distributor is likely to carry out to sell and market the products and / or services of the provider. This section also presents the limitation of the costs of advertising material and possible resales, as well as all other conditions related to the conduct of the distribution process, including shipments, facilities used and employee training, secondly, the distribution contract distinguishes a distribution partnership from a simple sales contract. Identify the state responsible for the agreement. Put in place standard methods and work instructions to resolve potential disputes and decide on events or actions that may lead to contract termination. Final issues, such as choice of law, dispute resolution, non-assignment, etc., must be considered and added. First, the conditions for the purchase of the goods (as well as the conditions for the provision of related services, if any), which must be marketed as part of the agreement – the conditions are often standard, at least between the manufacturer and the distributor. The right of termination “without fault” allows termination without notice or at the expiration of a limited period. An appropriate clause that should be used in a distribution agreement could be: “This agreement will enter into force on the date of departure and will remain in force for an initial period and for an indefinite period, until it is terminated by one of the parties who expires in writing at least a few months in advance on or after the date of expiry of the initial term.” 2. Non-exclusive agreementIn the case of a non-exclusive agreement, the manufacturer may deliver to several distributors who are generally competing in the same market. .


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