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Simplified Listing Agreement For Debt Securities

17 Dec Posted by in Uncategorized | Comments
Simplified Listing Agreement For Debt Securities

E. An obligation of the issuer that the documents necessary to establish the levy, including, if applicable, the trust deed, are carried out within the time frame provided by the relevant regulations/laws/regulations, etc., and the same would be put online on the website of the designated exchange, if the bonds are listed, within five working days of their completion. In the case of the presentation of a certificate of maintenance of the guarantee, the amended listing agreement provides for the presentation of these certificates for the maintenance of 100% wealth coverage compared to the semi-annual guarantee certificates of debt securities backed by publicly traded debt securities. In addition to exempting banks and NBFCs from the presentation of these certificates, companies issuing government-guaranteed bonds will also be excluded. 3. The list of documents exported or exported as part of the issuance and underwriting of bonds must be made as an appendix. E. A obligation that, until the repayment of the bonds, the issuer would provide the fiduciary with the information covered in Point D, as part of the simplified list agreement no SEBI/IMD/BOND/1/11/05 of May 11, 2009, modified from time to time, for the equipment and publication of its half-yearly results. In addition, within 180 days of the end of the fiscal year, the issuer will provide the agent with a copy of the latest annual report and the agent is required to share the details provided under this clause within two business days of its specific application with all “qualified institutional buyers” (QIBs) and other existing bondholders.

2. In order to make the requirements of the regulations in point 1 above effective, Schedule I establishes a simplified listing agreement that is uniform for all types of listed securities/companies. Notwithstanding this innovation, all measures taken or allegedly taken by the exchanges or seBI, any investigation or investigation initiated as part of the current listing agreement or having filed a complaint are deemed to be disidented or carried out in accordance with the relevant provisions of the applicable rating regulation.


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