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Sub Processing Agreement Template

17 Dec Posted by in Uncategorized | Comments
Sub Processing Agreement Template

That`s where your data processing agreement comes in. Let`s take a look at what you need to include in this agreement to make sure it meets the requirements of the RGPD. 1.6.2 This personal data comes from the following processing activities carried out by Wolters Kluwer on behalf of the client: the RGPD (General Data Protection Regulation, Regulation (EU) 2016/679) contains detailed rules on the content of contracts between organisations that act as subcontractors of personal data and those acting as subcontractors. This agreement is intended to help processors and subcontractors meet their obligations under the RGPD. This document does not grant those responsible for the processing of explicit rights to the processing of personal data. Instead, it is not possible for controllers` rights to be exercised through the processor. This is part of a Voluum (Codewise) data processing agreement that defines the nature and relevance of the processing it performs on behalf of those responsible for processing: 5.1. The data processor will implement and maintain data protection and organization security measures throughout the life of the data protection authority to protect personal data from accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, damage or tampering, as well as any disclosure, misuse or other unauthorized processing, in violation of the requirements of data protection legislation. 8.2 With the termination of the contract between the customer and a processing manager, Wolters Kluwer will immediately delete or return all personal data to the customer or the party designated by the client at the customer`s request, at the request of the customer, no later than 60 days after the termination of the contract between the client and the processing manager, as long as the parties have agreed to another period. Personal data available electronically is also transmitted electronically, at the customer`s request, in accordance with the customer`s instructions, provided it is reasonable. The customer is responsible for the fact that the customer`s requests to Wolters Kluwer, in accordance with this sub-number 8.2, are made in accordance with the instructions of the processing managers. If a processing manager is required to directly submit the instructions of this sub-number 8.2 to Wolters Kluwer for the processing of his personal data, Wolters Kluwer must follow these instructions.

Wolters Kluwer may delete existing copies of personal data after the aforementioned deadline has expired, unless current Swedish or European legislation requires anything different. 5.2. The data processor ensures that it and its subprocessers involved in the processing of personal data meet the minimum data security requirements set out in Schedule 2 at all times. (ii) any other correspondence, request or complaint received from a person, regulator or other third party concerned in the processing of the data. In the event that such a request, correspondence, request or complaint is directly addressed to the data processor, the data manager must inform the data manager immediately. 3.5.1 In addition to the provisions of Subsection 3.2 (Security Measures), Wolters Kluwer is implementing appropriate technical and organizational measures to assist those responsible for processing on written request in accordance with the obligation of processing managers to meet requests for the exercise of the rights of the person concerned, as defined in Chapter III of the General Data Protection Regulation. Wolters Kluwer is not required to meet its obligations under this trap 3.5.1, to the extent possible and to the extent required by the nature of the treatment. 10.3.

The processing manager will immediately notify the data handler in writing after the processing manager has discovered that the law relating to the processing of personal data has been breached in accordance with this Privacy Statement.


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