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Supervision Agreement Ahpra

10 Oct Posted by in Uncategorized | Comments
Supervision Agreement Ahpra

Prudential requirements may vary from practitioner to practitioner. Supervision must be tailored to the reason for the need for supervision, as well as to the particular circumstances, experiences and learning needs of the physiotherapeutic therapist under supervision. Arrangements should be flexible to accommodate individual skills, different settings and the complexity of workloads. Supervision should be carried out at different levels in order to meet the different prudential requirements of individuals. The level of control required depends on a number of factors which may include: the monitoring report is a document detailing the progress made under the supervised practice plan and includes a competency assessment with the APP tool, unless otherwise agreed by the Board of Directors. Monitoring reports shall provide information on whether or not elements of the practice plan followed have been implemented and, if not, on the measures to be taken to remedy them. Also included are any issues and changes that arise in the surveillance regimes, including changes in the level of oversight over time. Supervisory reports shall be submitted to the Management Board at agreed intervals. Additional monitoring reports may be required if circumstances change or if there are concerns about the physiotherapist under supervision. Monitoring reports on the progress of physiotherapists under supervision must be legible and submitted to the Board of Directors and meet the reporting obligations of the Board of Directors or another body such as a body or tribunal.

Remote monitoring is when the supervisor is reachable to discuss clinical activities, but is not on-site or is not required to observe or participate directly in clinical management. These guidelines apply to both the physiotherapist who provides supervision and the physiotherapist under supervision. Direct supervision is when the supervisor is physically present on site, when the physiotherapist performs a supervised clinical follow-up to observe and work with the physiotherapist. These guidelines can be taken into account in a number of registration and notification issues that give rise to supervision agreements, including physiotherapists, which: The APP tool should be used for a consistent and objective assessment of competences in clinical practice and is included in supervision reports, unless otherwise agreed by the board. . .


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