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Taif Agreement 1934

13 Apr Posted by in Uncategorized | Comments
Taif Agreement 1934

Article 19: The two high-ranking contracting parties announce their intention to improve and strengthen communication and trade between the two countries and to reach a customs agreement. In May 1934, after capturing Luhayya (1 May[26]) and Hodeida (4 May[a]), Saudi forces advanced towards Sanaa, where a battle was expected. The mountains were problematic for their armored cars and tanks. Neither British nor Italian forces in the region were expected to intervene. [27] Although the Saudis had better weapons, including tanks, Yemenis had more experience in mountain warfare. Although the dispute has been runninging for some time, British viewers predicted that the result would be undecided. [28] The king called for the abdication of the iman, control of the border region for five years and the expulsion of the former leaders of Asir from Yemen. [29] According to Western newspapers: “Tehama is part of the Principality of Asir which, after the First World War, maintained for a few years a precarious independence between the territory of the Waha king, Ibn Saud, and that of the imam of Yemen. In 1926, it accepted the originality of Ibn Saud and, in 1930, it was practically annexed by Ibn Saud as part of a new agreement. A dispute then broke out between Ibn Saud and the Imam of Yemen over the Asir-Yemen border, likely settled by a treaty concluded in December 1931. In announcing his intention of action against Yemen, Ibn Saud`s legation in London said: “The Saudi government has tried all pacific means through diplomatic channels to come to an agreement with the last just ruler and Imam of Yemen, but he stubbornly persists in his aggressive policy by occupying our highlands in Tihamah, oppressing their inhabitants, and exadicating who all do surender to rule.” [23] The Saudi-Yemeni war was a war between Saudi Arabia and Yemen in 1934.

On May 12, 1934, peace negotiations began. Saudi Arabia has abandoned Imam Yahya`s request for abdication, but has called for a ceasefire for at least 20 years. [33] It was reported that the crown prince of Yemen supported the war, while his father, the imam, was for peace. [34] [35] Ibn Saud stated that he was not interested in the takeover of Yemen. [36] Article 1: The state of war between the Kingdom of Yemen and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ends from the date of the signing of this treaty, and it is immediately established between their Majesties, kings, countries and peoples, a state of eternal peace, firm friendship and eternal Islamic Arab brotherhood, which are totally or partially invist.


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