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Uba Agreement

19 Dec Posted by in Uncategorized | Comments
Uba Agreement

7. The account holder undertakes to inform the bank of the non-compliance with bank statements within 15 days of the bank default being sent within a fortnight of the date the account is sent, so that the bank considers the statement as provided to be correct. 22. Subject to current local laws, the account holder heresafter agrees that United Bank For Africa Plc or one of its subsidiaries and associated companies (together “the bank”) may share the account holder`s information with national or foreign regulators or tax authorities, if necessary to justify its tax debt in any country. To the extent that national overseas regulators or tax authorities are asked: the account holder agrees that the bank can refuse and pay into the account sums required by laws, regulations, agreements with the regulatory authorities or the authorities and policies in force, and TerraPay, an international payment network based in London , announced an agreement with the Nigerian-based UBA Group to launch a real-time money transfer service in 20 countries on the African continent. 6. The account holder accepts that, unless there is a written agreement with the bank, only the auditors who sit at the counter are entitled to handle cash, and the cheque account holder also accepts that the bank is not liable for losses resulting from the cash made available to unauthorized staff. 9. All securities, bonds, security, shares, mail order securities, notes, gold objects or other objects and objects of any kind held by the bank in the name of the account holder, whether in another type of account or otherwise, are held as collateral to ensure the account of a loan or loan balance to be granted to the Bank under these Terms and Conditions or other loan agreement. In addition, the account holder agrees to keep it in the bank`s possession as a “guarantee by tolerating against credit facilities” until the account holder pays the full amount of the bank`s debt, including interest payable, commissions and other charges owed. If the account holder does not pay this debt at the bank`s first request, the account holder authorizes the bank to account for the account held by the account holder in the “Guarantees Against Credit Facilities” account, without having to notify or notify the account holder. This authorization is irrevocable and the account holder cannot terminate it without the bank`s written consent.


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