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Vps Agreement Clause 10

20 Dec Posted by in Uncategorized | Comments
Vps Agreement Clause 10

3.3. The Company provides the services described in clauses 2 and 3 of this contract. The terms of this contract apply to customers residing or residing in Estonia or another EU Member State or with a place of business outside Estonia or another EU Member State. The terms and conditions apply to all packages/tariffs and to the countries in which services are provided. 23.8. In the events listed in paragraph 22.6. and 22.7. The company must return the funds for unfulfilled commitments to the customer. This policy contains guidelines for Article 15 of the VPS Agreement, which provides for the categories of employment in which a worker can be employed and the obligations of employers, the forms of employment in progress, whenever possible, the agreements of circumstance and limitation in time. 23.3. If the customer disagrees with the modification of the contract, he can terminate the contract and inform the company of the decision within one month of the publication of the amended terms. If the customer accepts the changes by tacit will, the contract comes into effect in its entirety.

3.1. The company provides services in accordance with paragraph 2.1. monitors the operation of virtual server devices and ensures device performance. The customer independently monitors Virtual Dedicated Server`s operations and performance. 7.1 The customer is entitled to reimbursement for unused benefits, in accordance with item 7.4 of this contract. These balances are credited to the customer`s account in the company`s billing system and can be issued for all other services provided by the Company, transferred to another customer`s account or refunded to the customer, except for the event for which the payment was made with the BitCoin system. Repayment can be made: the full bank has accepted Commissioner Bissett`s finding that a worker is not eligible for an increase while being suspended from duty in accordance with clause 21 of the agreement. 2.3.

All additional benefits that are not described in point 2.1. be made available to the customer in accordance with the contract amendment that is an integral part of this contract. 17.1. Registration in the company`s billing system involves an automatic agreement with the receipt of email and SMS notifications, including services offered by the company. 7.6. Repayments described in paragraphs 7.1 and 7.4 of this treaty can only be made for whole unused months; There is another significant change to the “Management of Misconduct” clause that should be known to employers. Section 25.14, point (b) now provides that a party to a fault investigation can avail itself of a dispute under Clause 13 (dispute resolution) on the issue of procedural fairness if an investigation under point 25.10 is not completed within six months of the introduction of the worker`s alleged misconduct. The content of clauses 20 and 21 of the 2016 agreement remains unchanged as to the content of clauses 20 and 21 of the 2016 agreement. There are, however, a few amendments that justify a mention: 6.3. Payments can be made according to the system described on the company`s main website at or by manual payment under the terms described in 6.1 of this treaty.


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