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Wedding Cake Agreement Form

15 Apr Posted by in Uncategorized | Comments
Wedding Cake Agreement Form

Hello How do you address someone who doesn`t buy cake while serving, especially if they only go through the size and see? As a customer myself, when I ask for a particular book or subject, I just want to see how talented the baker is when I have the money and I ask for the price of this special cake, just give me the prize! After me, accept the agreement or not. What do you think? Hello Rose, first of all, I would like to thank you for all the information is very useful. On the other hand, I need some advice on how to calculate for cakes and wedding cakes that my friends have to say I`m too cheap, but if I increase my prices, I probably lose the customer base, it also bothers me that sometimes I spend 8 hours working on a cake for little money, if other places ask a lot more and have more customers. I work well and very well (what people say) I have a Facebook page, “SWEET caramelo”, if you want to check and give me some stonation or advice would be very appreciated… Thank you, Rose! In your policy, you are not responsible for what happens after leaving the venue of the event? I just had a girl who asked for money for a cake. I have pictures of that before I leave. Thank you, T First, I need a $100 “Save-the-Date” deposit to book a wedding cake. I usually get this down payment and then write the contract. Most of the time, I do it because writing the contract takes time and I don`t want to invest that time unless I`m sure I`ve landed the client. And that, my friends, is my policy and my method of writing wedding cake contracts.

Here is our Microsoft Word cake/order contract form (.doc). You can save it to your hard drive, add your business information, change the cake flavors available and change all the conditions to fit your business. Make it your own! This form contains room to draw the cake and an information section on device deposits. [ ] Delivery and furnishing costs (including how and when the cake is delivered) But I`m early. On the contract, I need 50% of the balance due 6-8 weeks before the event, and the balance is due 2 weeks before the event. I learned the hard way to hunt money on the wedding day is a pain, so I refuse to do more. OR I`ve integrated the whole document here (again, it`s distorted in this format): I admit, I tell brides that changes can be made within a reasonable time before marriage. If they realize they have more or less guests than expected or suddenly see a different design or texture that they like, I`ll make the changes if I can (and adjust the price accordingly).


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