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What Is A Programme Agreement

20 Dec Posted by in Uncategorized | Comments
What Is A Programme Agreement

When several parties participate in the program, a “consortium agreement” between them and the program organizer is generally required. This agreement governs the participation of all parties in the form of financial commitments, staff time and other contributions. It can also regulate the right to patentable inventions, the secrecy for the protection of information, etc. The program will combine grants and loans for applicants in the energy sector to achieve higher results. The program agreement governs the relationship between Mistra and the program organizer; The conditions for funding and delivering the program; and the duration of commitments by the program organizer, the board of directors and the program director. The agreement also sets out the conditions for managing profits, reporting, disbursement and accounting for program funds, intellectual property rights and verification of early termination. Copies of the program agreement are kept by Mistra and the program organizer. The EEA climate programme in Poland will contribute to the exchange of experiences and promote dialogue and cooperation in areas of mutual interest for Poland and donor countries. Partnership projects between Poland and donor agencies are actively encouraged and supported. Donor program partners have provided advice on the preparation of the program and will participate in its implementation. Capacity building and awareness are integrated into all the results. If successful, the programme will have a significant impact on the fight against climate change, including emission reductions in both shorter areas (i.e. the financial mechanism) and, in the longer term, in areas that are not covered by other funds or where investment is still needed.

Longer-term contributions would be generated by increased capacity and skills, as well as investment projects, for example in the area of combating climate change in urban areas and by more innovative and energy-efficient buildings. Investments in infrastructure and skills development are needed to meet international commitments and national strategies for climate change mitigation, ecosystem adaptation and ecosystem protection. To this end, the program will help close investment gaps in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, adapting to climate change and mitigating climate change in local communities, implementing ecosystem management plans and monitoring the environment. For programmes for which there is no consortium agreement, it is advisable to get all researchers to sign a cooperation agreement. This agreement can, for example. B, regulate the procedure if there are patentable inventions. It is important that all parties involved reach an agreement from the outset, so that when the situation happens, everyone knows what is going on. In addition to the organizational agreement, there is a program agreement that lists the programs authorized to be implemented. The program agreement is accompanied by the program plan, which must be updated and approved by Mistra each year. To learn more about the program, click here.

In the absence of an approved plan, the agreement is not valid and the program cannot make Mistra funds available. Funding for this program will be provided through 11 open tenders, a small grant program and three pre-defined projects. Dates are provisional and may change: the program agreement is established by the Senior Registrar of Assistants (partnerships and academic strategic support) and the original copies of the signed agreement are stored by Academic Quality Support Services.


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